Remodeling My Old Farm House: Moving Plumbing, and more

For this episode of remodeling my old farm house, I start by feeling really good about moving my toilet plumbing and capping the pipes off in order to


  1. I am trying to run a business, a social channel, be a father and a husband, and remodel a bathroom/bedroom…. this is all going to take awhile.

  2. OCD… I get it. There are times when you know it just isn’t profitable to fix something but, you just gotta do it anyway.

  3. Oh no, not the dish rag 😂

  4. 6:35 stagnant water ->legionella

  5. Extra work, sure, but you’ll be so much happier when it’s all done. It’ll look better and you’ll know you made it right. Hang in there. Thanks for sharing!

  6. So now the main room floor won’t be level with the bathroom, you better start ripping it out also. Oh, the hallway floor isn’t going to match, gotta rip that up. Oh, the rooms off that don’t match, gotta rip them up. You could have leveled the floor without ripping everything out.

  7. Home building and bathrooms vary from state to state.
    Where I lived before, all bathrooms built before the 1970’s had a marble threshold and a poured concrete floor, which was always tiled with 1X1″ tiles. Some were single color, more expensive homes had different edge colors.
    Being that the bathroom had a concrete floor, they were poured level over tongue and groove oak or maple. The rest of the house would have floors that sloped 1-3″ over a 25′ span. Finish carpenters and the plaster and lath finishers were hero’s.

    If the job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Right takes time, so does quality. Kyle, it’s not OCD, it’s having a higher quality standard than the mentality of good enough.

    Old home reconstruction takes 50% more time than does new build. Your going to find that the load bearing wall on the lower level has sunk into the main support. Check the support beam and use a jack screw to bring it to level.

  8. Haha….dude I was going to say dont spill the primer. It’s like a prerequisite on any of my plumbing jobs. Haha. Never fails…..

  9. Did you first see if that 1″ slope in the floor could be jacked up from down below, or are you just a man with no plan making decisions on the fly as you go?

  10. ummmm
    why was there bread in the end of the pipe that you weren’t soldering?

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