1. Out in the Country August 21, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    Check out our renovation playlist here! 🡲

  2. I was wondering why you didn’t use 2x6s. Scary about the outlet! Can’t wait to see the finished front of the house.

  3. that why we put metal boxes in our house

  4. Doug….your family will be nice and warm this coming winter…. enjoying watching how each and every room is coming together….all this hard work will pay off in the end….once the house is done it will be very interesting to see what you will do with land…..are you going to fence in your garden and have a compost site….

  5. Looks great guys…… 💝

  6. It looking like a brand new home. So happy for you all

  7. I noticed how you had the ground cleaned up from the other day. You two are amazing! Place is looking nice.

  8. Chickens in the house 😂

  9. You two have done some amazing work. A craftsman with limited tools but you real do need a bigger hammer, 4lb. maul.

  10. Ok, I think you answered my question. I was wondering if you were going to use nice solid wood on your soffits. Or that horrible thin tinny stuff you pulled off. Yeah for wood!

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