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RV remodeling – motorhome bathroom renovation diy. We get back to work on our motor home to finish up the bathroom, stay


  1. For privacy try not to show the side of your RV. Just saw the side of your RV thought oh NO!

  2. i dont think it was the kiss that made her cry i think it was the high pitch talking or a ghost

  3. Andrea Derosier June 2, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    Burial Plots are sold as deeds. The plot is considered owned land indefinitely as far as I know. Now a days they are really encouraging cremation, (because of space) and because in most cemeteries you can put up to 3 people’s cremains in one plot. They are also creating above ground nitches in cemeteries for cremains. Eventually I think people will stop being buried completely.

  4. So happy u moved back to LA to be close to ur family!!

  5. How many people are buried in a cemetery?………all of them. Har har!

  6. I love at the beginning where Channon is telling Snow “Tell everyone…” Snows face is like ‘wtf she knows I can’t talk yet right?’

  7. I think Snow cried because you were supper excited and she’s probably never felt that before cause she can feel your energy but in my opinion I don’t think by law they can bury bodies on top of bodies rather they Decompose or not they just have to buy more land if they run outta space 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Chelsea Lautasi June 2, 2019 at 6:57 pm

    In Australia, we usually have churches on the cemetery grounds where funerals are held for those who are being cremated. So they would have income from that and I’m pretty sure more people are being cremated cause they’re running out of room to bury them.

  9. I thought she had started crying because either Travis’ beard scratched her face, or because Momma squealed super loudly right next to her ear..!

  10. When Travis talked about snow wanting to marry him it made me think of a conversation I had with my nephew. He was 4 years old and it was getting close to my wedding. I started dating my husband since before he was born and he so he was asking questions about my last name and how it was going to change and the wedding. Then out of nowhere goes “I really hope when I’m older and get married that it’s not to Leila” (His sister) 😂 it was so funny and then he said he wanted to marry me or his mom (my sister) and it was adorable hahah.

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