$100,000 Remodel Start To Finish | THE HANDYMAN |

All the videos Business and money of this remodel is here.
Dewalt table saw
Saw blades for $1
New Laptop
DeWalt table saw

DeWalt safety goggles


  1. I wish there was some way to be reminded of the total dollar amount spent on the entire remodel during every second of this video.

  2. Nice work sir!!! Yes, table saw DWE7480 (I have that exact saw, I use it alot to rip plywood and studs) in the house! I have a DEWALT DW717 – dual bevel sliding saw (love it). My tile saw, I wish I had a bridge saw, but mine is a Kobalt 400$ saw with 24″ rip. It’s sort of a pain when I have to do cross cuts and it gets in the way on one side. That’s why I bought this cheap ass 50$ QEP saw, and ripped the top guard off it it to do free cuts haha.

    @18:18 – Wherever this is they don’t require GFCI plugs? Out here in CA, anything 3 feet near water they nail you on inspection. Basically, bathrooms and kitchen are the biggest things. I see one on the left is GFCI, but the one closest to sink isn’t.

    Oh 1000$ TOILET SEAT? WHAT???? lol.

  3. What is that awesome tool at 8:30? I want one! I didnt see it in the section with the rest of the tool list

  4. Josh Larochelle May 22, 2019 at 1:44 am

    I absolutely hate when people move the driveway from being in front of the garage 😂 such a stupid design to do such.

  5. 13:14 A little prayer before you walk the plank😳

  6. i would double the planks when doing the lights, just in case

  7. People pray for stuff daily and don’t always get it because its “Gods plan”. 10/10 a properly used harness will save you from fall death

  8. I wish instead of just having the static $108,000 in the corner, you kept a running tally of costs/expenses…even if just an estimate to humor us.

  9. Pretty sure IT the clown is hovering above your head during the intro…..seriously I’m gonna have nightmares tonight.

  10. Zackary Jenkins May 25, 2019 at 5:38 am

    You did all the work yourself and it still cost 100k+, I can only imagine how much it would cost if someone else did it

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