$300 Budget, Bathroom Remodel

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Budget Bathroom Remodel
Rebecca decorates her seldom used, Guest


  1. I need to see how I can update pink tile and repair/replace shower floor liner. That’s a real challenge

  2. There you are, I was wondering where your new videos went! 🙂 That is fantastic, I love the idea that it doesn’t have to be expensive to redo majority of a bathroom!

  3. she’s not dressed for the job.

  4. I would have spent some money to smooth out that God awful texture

  5. yes, I love it. I’m currently redoing my main bathroom too!..today I pick up my new counter tops!!

  6. Love what you did with your bathroom. Just painting the room white was such an improvement! I also used your idea for a floor to ceiling shower curtain and really like it. Love all your accessories and mixing metal finishes. Way to go, Rebecca. Happy Easter

  7. Very nice result, regardless of money & budget. 👍 My bath is laid out similarly & a glaring dated 1996 lavender eyefull. (Previous owner’s paint color choice.) Including mauve-purple cultured marble details. ðŸĪŠ But it does have decent white ceramic flooring & solid wood cabinetry that’s easy to refinish. And lots of light. Good bones, overall. A few quick minor & inexpensive changes really does wonders though, agree. Started by just hanging two 84″ window panels as shower curtains for the same FtC look. To help freshen things up for summer. Plain white mildew resistant poly fabric. Later I’ll add colored grosgrain ribbon trim for some zip. Much more to do & luckily mostly cosmetic. But pretty sure I can stay well under $600. One step at a time.

  8. Great video. I loved seeing the three budgets options.

  9. This looks amazing! Really helpful!

  10. where can I get that spray pump. I love it!

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