1. I knew you were going to need help in some areas of this project.😊💪🏠

  2. For a rental, leave it in the basement. If this was my house, I’d have it upstairs because I go down 2 floors no for laundry and would love upstairs laundry. But when you’re renting, you don’t always get everything.

  3. Rough-out the hookups in the upstairs closet, but hide the hook-up inside the wall. The renter can’t use it or screw it up, but if you decide to sell you can reveal the hook-up. Then please supply the washer-dryer in the basement. And build a strong and stable staircase so nobody falls with the laundry basket.

  4. great, great soundtrack

  5. Do not put the washer and dryer upstairs. There are so many issues to deal with, e.g., the concentrated weight of the stacked unit on the floor joists, dealing with water leaks, dealing with exhaust for the dryer, installing a 220 volt circuit for the dryer, etc. Put a stacked unit on the concrete floor in the basement. I ended up having to install smart jacks to provide extra support for the floor joists to support the stacked unit on my first floor, rather than in the basement.

  6. Chainsaw returns! Really hope you get a Ryobi sponsorship.

  7. that giant wasp nest :O

  8. Keep washer and dryer at the bottom. while it would be convenient for the tenant it’s not worth the investment to have the washer and dryer upstairs for this build. Love your videos!

  9. The amount of effort, detail, and organization you do is incredible! Usually people who do big projects leave out so much detail and add-ons. Amazing work!

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