1. America used to think like this young fellow and it was a much better place back then too. Being “saving-minded” is wisdom. America is “replacement-minded”, buys, tosses, and buys another thing to toss even sooner than the last one. Great to see things being made new and brought to life again. There is a story in the Bible about that too. : )

  2. How do you not have your own TV show yet

  3. Need sum Mexican help Dem folks work great and u probably rent to Dem they get jobs easily how can I find a nice house like this for 9 grand?

  4. The Movie Critic August 9, 2019 at 3:33 am

    how many homes are you doing?.

  5. Isn’t it chipper and quicker to demolish and build brand new?

  6. It may be weird, but how about a sliding door for the bathroom door downstairs?

  7. im sad we’re catching up but i’m excited to see where you’re at in the project!

  8. Your background guitar music sounds like it may be Leo Kottke. I used to listen to him a bunch as teen in the early 70’s.

  9. Belt and suspenders, those pants ain’t going anywhere!

  10. You got bugs mate! 1:44 I am sure thats on the list.

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