1. Hey, I live in France and about wood framed houses (maison ossature bois in French) you’re actually so right.

    Our tough houses ( masonry) are tricky to renovate regarding man strength and structurarly it requires heavy heavy duty sometimes just to add a door, a window or a sliding door.

    Wood houses are on the rise it is true in France. They’re not really cheaper since we don’t havea lot a wood resources. But they provide flexibility regarding the floor plan and the possible additons of the house (for instance, adding a bedroom on the side of the house).

    Workload is really easier to manage with wood than masonry.

    Also, wood provides better eco (heat) performances but for sure far more sound issues (cracking and sound passing from a room to another) and some people fear the wood to rotten and by doing so, making the house to collapse.

    Anyway, I bought a house in Normandy which was a pig house transformed onto a house but its core is compacted dirt with cereals… Anyway if I’d build one, I’d choose wood for sure.

    Love your videos. Love the music. Love your Texan accent. Love the content. Love the answers given to our questions either in the comments or in your videos.

    Take care and love this house too, great potential.


  2. Great videos, Sir. You can always put those places up as rent to own. I like how you get into all aspects of fixing up a place. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekendπŸ‘

  3. One of my favorite channels. Keep it up please

  4. Be bold and not apologetic. What you’re doing works. Keep up the good work.

  5. I πŸ‘ your videos as soon as they load

  6. New lens is great!

  7. If you would have put that pocket door in on that bathroom on the side where the other door is it would have been more private

  8. Just my opinions, in no particular order:
    – I enjoy the authenticity of your series. It feels more real when you’re in the thick of things, working away that everything isn’t perfectly tidy. You clean up often enough that it doesn’t look like a shitshow, and (hopefully) most people understand that just about everything on HGTV is staged.
    – Also, that wide-angle lens really opens up the shot, looks really good.
    – I think ‘thumbs up’ an comments help the youtube algorithms to push it to more people’s ‘recommended’ tabs, thereby opening you up to a wider audience.
    – As far as videography goes, that’s something that constantly has to be worked at, striving to improve. I’m sure there are Skillshare and youtube videos about composing shots and stuff if you wanted to make a study of it, but it’s also something where you have to find the line that *you* are comfortable with. Obviously it takes a lot more time to do it, which takes away time you could be making more videos in general, and video editing can definitely be mind-numbing if it’s only a means to an end for you, so (IMO) do what you’re most passionate about first and foremost, and that passion will come through and make more people interested in watching. People love to watch people who love what they are doing.

  9. I have to say that, in addition to enjoying watching your work, I like the background music on this particular video. 😊🎡🎢

  10. Most new built houses in UK are timber frame, simple fact is the frames can be made off site then assembled. No large scale housing developments are masonry anymore. Never been an issue getting timber (most comes from scandinavia) its just cultural, some older builders still turn their nose up at timber frame. I’m a chippy myself, can’t lay a brick to save my life, so I welcome it

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