1. Loved the music in this video! Great content!

  2. Great videos. Admire your energy and skills.I just binged watch all 11 episodes.
    Feels like I’m stuck in the GOT fever again
    Thanks again

  3. You are a Legend! And GOOD! And Bad as well! How many hours do you sleep? Man must sleep 7 hours at night. Take some nap during the day time if you sleep less. It is my ORDER! 🙂 Everything can wait. Otherwise you will have soon a wedding with Depression! You need your health not for videos and the house. Seriously, we can wait for new recordings. Even a Legend must have some sleep! PS Your Friend 🙂

  4. the song made it feel like the start to a horror movie lol

  5. 30:12 … when I do something great! LOL love be your channel,and truly do watch for great information. But my gosh! You make learning fun!

  6. Great work. He sounds like Chip Baskets.

  7. If you spray hair spray on exposed skin such as your arms you will not get itchy from fibreglass insulation. A trick we learned in the aerospace trade.

  8. It’d be cool to see the all the nasty stuff you have to put up with while doing this like bees, wasps & snakes.

  9. Are doing any houses in Michigan?

  10. I like the tips and you explaining them should keep doing it helps the new guys out with these

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