1. GottaShopIt com May 17, 2013 at 8:36 am

    liked the color combinations very much

  2. That looks great but thats not on a budget

  3. lol how the hell is that on BUDGET??

  4. You MUST always put in a glass shower screen. Never use a tacky plastic
    sheet that goes mouldy and makes the room looks smaller

  5. Be careful, If you don’t buy the material all at once. Some material run
    out of stock and you can’t match the same material and move it stage two.

  6. how is this on a budget

  7. Some great transformations, lovely work done on these

  8. Remodel is cheap looking, drab and colorless. Looked better before any work
    was done.

  9. what was the “budget” and final cost for this work? 15k? 25k?

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