DIY Small Bathroom Makeover

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I am feeling so grateful being able to partner up


  1. U r a talent person and what a great surprise for ur friend. Great Job 👍😄.

  2. Looks nice. I wish you could have replaced the light switch. It can be an easy task or super painful. We are slowly changing out switched and plugs to freshen up each room in my house.

    Edit: you mentioned a landlord, so switching out the outlet may be way overkill.

  3. I would’ve never thought to use a dark green in a small space but it looks friggin amazing!

  4. This is gonna sound crazy but I’ve been on the hunt for a good deodorant for MONTHS now haha I wanted it to be eco friendly and not have aluminum in it,but I need sweat control! I’m excited that it’s in a reusable case! So cool! Excited to get mine in!
    So this was perfect timing and anything to support you is easy! Can’t beat $5 for the first deodorant!

  5. I have tried Myro, I REALLY wanted to love it. Because everything about the brand and the component is amazing. However….that stuff does NOT work. It definitely doesn’t stop or help sweating, and I really don’t even sweat very much. And the scent lasts for about ten minutes and then you smell like old Taco Bell.
    I’m glad it works for you, but I think it needs some improvement. Just wanting to put that here for anyone else who has had issues. I’ve never found a natural deodorant that has worked without me having to detox my armpits every three days.

  6. Your so talented. I wish I could handle the tools like you do…. Please post some basic wood working videos (for dummies)

  7. What daylight bulbs did you use? They look great!

  8. Jaylene Cabrera July 4, 2019 at 4:21 pm


  9. Steimberg Karla-Elena July 4, 2019 at 4:49 pm

    ugh really Rachel?? dark green and black for such a small under lit space?!

  10. Valdemar Cunningham July 4, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    You wanted our opinion on the mirror-shelf, so here it comes: I must admit… it looks way to crowded with all that stuff on the shelf. A small plant and a candle, that would be it from my point of view😉. Btw thanks for all inspiration and ideas, love you channel! 🤩

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