Flip This House | HUGE Transformation! (Remodeling a 1950’s Home)

Let’s Flip This House! We bought a 1950’s beach-style home on the coast of California, and decided to give it a new modern vibe. Although the stunning


  1. Hey man! Love the videos. Love the music as well. Do you have info on the songs you used in this video? Thanks man. Take care!

  2. What were they applying with trowels to the rock after the mudding and taping?

  3. worldadventureman August 21, 2019 at 3:13 am

    Make sure you keep the cat door, it adds thousands to the value of a property. hehe

    man you got rid of the cat door, he is gona be pissed when he comes home!

  4. Nice job you guys, a lot of progress! Question – at 10:15 to 10:25 there is an outside vent just above entrance door corner… why wasn’t it reopened when the gypsum was installed? Also, maybe because I live in the north but, why weren’t the exterior walls insulated prior to wall boarding? Thanks for posting.

  5. Hey Matt,
    I currently have a set of occidental oxylight bags and the standard leather belt. I am looking for a little more comfort but love the bag set up. Would you rather use a buckaroo belt with my current bags or get the occidental suspenders to go with my current set up?

  6. I like that you opened the place up.. Maybe some skylights? Place still looks kinda dark for a California home. Are all the views outside onto covered patios? Personally I’d lose all the sheds and have some kinda outdoor/entertainment space out there.

    Also please tell me that wasn’t the Sola level being used to shove the insulation up there. #facepalm

  7. Why aren’t you insulating your wall?

  8. Tool Savvy Handyman Services August 21, 2019 at 4:49 am

    Did you have any asbestos concerns prior to demo?

  9. I love you videos man. Once I get out the Army I plan to build a house my self in Arizona.

  10. was one of the workers smoking inside the house at ? tobacco smelling remodel ^^

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