1. are you done yet? By the way, If I had to do your bathroom my fingernails
    would have been done to the numb already like before you ever started!

  2. All Man! He forgot to put on the “WHOLE ARMOR OF YAHWEH” on! He would not
    have gotten hurt. Still more to go. please be very careful. My Prayers will
    be with you until the end

  3. Started redoing my bathroom, not really a remodel since im not demolishing
    or building anything but alot of scrubbing tons of mold off everywhere and
    redoing plumbing, pipes, fixtures etc.. and repainting (proper way with
    sanding & primer etc..). I don’t know how you do this with no hygiene gear,
    i am terrified and always have gloves, a filter mask and air tight goggles
    i can’t touch any of these dirty things bare handed.

  4. maverickjohn923 June 1, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    So at the 3:40 mark you say “Be careful you don’t cut yourself, I did” and
    “Turn your face away, you don’t want stuff in your eyes”. Amazing what a
    pair of GLOVES and GOGGLES will do to prevent this from happening.

  5. I’m going to comment on each of your videos – hope you don’t mind! Thanks
    again. I’m not sure how applicable the vanity removal will be for me. This
    house was built in the early 80’s and it looks like the vanity is a
    built-in. But still interesting to see how the rot spreads (or doesn’t in
    your case) so I’ll be prepared for that. No toilet in the bathroom I’m
    doing, but there are a couple I’ll have to do as I get to those rooms.

  6. **TIP** An easy way to remove the old peel and stick or the vinyl, is heat
    it up with a butane torch, for a couple seconds, and it peels right up

  7. Only on part 2 but your videos are helping me with my bathroom reno. I am
    in same situation with my house built in 1975 except I am not taking out
    toilet or vanaty. Well might remove vanity since I am replacing drywall
    behind it and have to repaint everything.

  8. you should’ve use gloves especially for the toilet. how much the total
    remodeling cost you?

  9. lol dont chew your fingers!!!! i got nothing but females in this house but
    this video did help. Mechanically inclined but this should be easier.

  10. You should put part to help us to remember which number we on.

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