Interior Design: How To Make A Small Kitchen Feel Grand

Designer Erika Floysvik of Fia Interiors shares a small kitchen she designed for a chef who loves to entertain. See how she expanded the original layout


  1. Very nice renovation. But what warm tones? It needs a pop of yellow or orange to make this kitchen inviting.

  2. The wine fridge door should open up the other way js:-)

  3. My bedroom is smaller than this kitchen, and my kitchen is smaller than my bedroom.

  4. Ok…compared to the old kitchen in this video, my kitchen is micro small….

  5. sooo clean looking its sterile like a hospital. not very “warm and inviting”

  6. How to make a small kitchen feel grand…make it larger…ok

  7. Cassandra Lane-Moore September 23, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    Lovely room and design. You lost me with the backsplash :(.

  8. What is that beautiful cabinets colour?

  9. Not my kind of stove top for great cooking!

  10. Love the color of the cabnets and the backsplash is beautiful….

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