Kitchen Remodel OR Kitchen Renovation | That is the question?

In this Live show we discuss with YOU the Pros and Cons of Kitchen Remodelling and Kitchen Renovations. Plus we have a list of the Top 10 mistakes You


  1. Hello…This is a great channel for DIY and all homeowners.
    Question: I’m in the process of buying a house in New York with an large attic. I would like to have two bedrooms and a full bathroom put in the attic. I plan to hire a general contractor to do the job, as they would know better than I for permits, supplies, etc. I would like the project to be completed before we move in, in a month. Is that realistic? Even though I’m a DIY’er, I don’t have the time off from work to dedicate 24-7 to get it completed preferably in a couple of weeks.

  2. I’m about to remodel my kitchen so that was great. We use different phraseology in the UK but I got most of it. I’m going to use vinyl planks too but they don’t seem to be easy to find here.

  3. Not really kitchen remodel question but we just recently bought a house, house was built in the 80’s nothing to do with the problem, but just recently it rained and in our little storage closet by the kitchen started leaking from the rain. Now the closet isn’t really finished it’s mostly rough work and if you look at the ceiling you can partly see 2×4 lumber with the vapour barrier torn apart nails coming through the lumber and torn the barrier. I can’t really use the attic access to see where the leak is coming from because roof system is separate from the main floor and there is no access to the roof on the main floor. The leak is coming through the exposed 2×4 and torn vapour barrier. Before fixing it myself do I go for the inspector that did the inspection or the seller?

    Really like the videos, specially the A to Z ones or anything that shows everything.

  4. I like what ur doing. New to the channel but you have some good points for the average homeowner. I agree with you on the idea that not everyone is suitable for the renovation of their home. Your dead on about asbestos flooring; cover it, don’t remove it.

  5. This is perfect because we are getting this done and I really needed to know and understand the process.

  6. Granite is one of my choices, because i want something sturdy, burn resistant and easy to clean.

  7. You are so awesome to help out that kid.

  8. Howard Theberge May 25, 2019 at 6:14 am

    I’m renovating my kitchen as we speak. Any recommendations for choosing a professional after getting plans from a structural engineer? A lot of the professionals down here want to take over and do the whole kitchen. I just need someone to do the structure work I’m not comfortable doing myself. Thanks to your videos, I’m comfortable completing the end finishing. Just the structural and working on exterior walls pieces aren’t in my tool kit.

  9. Next conversation: Bathroom!! Please!! We hired someone to do our bathroom remodel back in March. I had hoped it would be done in April but it got pushed back to the 15th of May and then pushed back again. Was suppose to start on Monday but he pushed it back to sometime the beginning of June with no clear date of starting. Seriously thinking of doing it all ourselves.
    BTW, what do we do with a giant mirror? 7 ft long and 30 inches wide.

  10. I hope your tour comes to L.A.! I’ve learned so much from you, so appreciative of the time you take to teach us the do’s and dont’s.

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