Remodeling a Master Bathroom | Part 1

We partnered with Lowe’s again, but this time we’re remodeling our master bathroom! In part 1 of this 2-part series, we are planning, demolishing, and


  1. Please do some cooler, more fun, and smaller projects when you get done with your house. Or continue the R2-D2 build

  2. Can’t wait to see the bathroom after the renovation!

  3. Make sure you don’t bury that electrical box.

  4. Nicely done good job guys. That pex looks super easy.

  5. Бл* у нас бы такой ремонт делался бы год, потом недоделанный лежалбы полгода, потом когда закончили выглядил бы не так как хотелось, и может еще хуже чем было.
    А ты крутой чел, скорее всего все за неделю не больше сделал))))

  6. SAVE THE COPPER!!! Make a Metal Foundry! Melt some metals… do some Lost Foam or Lost PLA.. that would be an awesome episode… PLEASE DO THAT!!!!! lol, love your channels. Thanks for all the DIYs. I’ve accomplished so much with your help. thank you once again.

  7. Those shark bites are convenient but I would not want to use them long-term.

  8. Not a single mask was worn that day :/

  9. I just realized he’s Bob the builder ;o;

  10. i really enjoyed part 1, can’t wait for part 2. the only thing that botthers me is that the pex is a little to long somethimes my OCD can’t hande that ;). otherwise keep up the good work man i really enjoy your content here in Belgium.

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