Remodeling a Master Bathroom | Part 2

We are finishing the remodel of our master bathroom! Thank you to Lowe’s for sponsoring this video and the whole project. If you haven’t seen it, check


  1. Ever heard of a barrier free shower? Steps in front of the new shower are rather outdated in Europe.

  2. Tiles not tile

  3. “the bits video… the bits video… recently put up a bits video… did a whole bits video…” lmao

  4. I love blue cabinets. idk why but they look so unique Everytime I see them

  5. Now you’ve redone like 90% of your house can we get a house tour

  6. Those blue cabinets actually look really cool, would never have dared to do that. A couple plants in there would look great!

  7. It would have been cool to have this done to each different part being a separate episode and have a mini series rather than 2 parts but still a good video 👍

  8. Nice , I would love to have a cool house

  9. Christopher Vaughan February 7, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    Blue vanity?

  10. Youtubers take note he did this video with a AD but it was at the end of th he video. I hate when people just sponsor through the whole video.

    This turned out amazing I’ll give you my address for your next project. Really outstanding

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