Before and After House Flip | Major Renovation

The Austin Flipsters transform this south Austin property taking her from an ugly duckling to a regal lady bird.

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  1. Love this channel…..just subscribe

  2. I hate for a refrigerator or stove to be up against a wall. It limits the movement of either the appliances, the cooking tools, or the arm movement of the preparer.

  3. Boring

  4. Should not have painted the brick on the house exterior…should have replaced the siding with horizontal style that wasn’t white in color

  5. It starts 8:35

  6. roblox ' ytgammer May 5, 2019 at 4:40 am

    Im so glad I live in Texas

  7. I wish you guys talk less, it´a so annoying, and not so funny at all. although I do like what you did with the house.

  8. Carbonated water is what tv static would taste like.

  9. Love your channel. Hope you get to 1,000,000 subscribers. You deserve it!

  10. Top Tip: Talk *LESS!*

    Nobody really cares for you to be talking 98% of the video. It’s putting me off already, I’ve only been subscribed 2 days.

    Less is more.

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