Next Level GoPro Amazing Kitchen remodel timelapse.

I was forced to remove the audio due to royalty rights.
Just play your favorite tune to it. Thanks for watching ;-).

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  1. Amazing!!!

  2. I also want a moving bucket

  3. Why IKEA Man,WHY??!!??

  4. Did I see correctly, there was no flooring under the cabinets?

  5. nice remodel but horrible layout

  6. Is it legal to build a floor like that in the US? No Support Hangers. eep 🙂 to much weight and it will Collapse 😛

  7. you are the best at remodeling kitchens, you really are a next level!!!!!

  8. Great job with alone!!!! awesome!!!

  9. The placement of the frig should have been placed where the pantry is located.

  10. Ikea cabinets?

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