Time Lapse Boat Bathroom Remodel from Start to Finish | Sailing

Ever wonder what goes into remodeling a bathroom? What about a bathroom in a boat?! By the way, a boat bathroom is called a “head” and a remodel is called


  1. Can’t express how valuable this video is… Wish more would do this to help frame your efforts.

  2. I am glad all that custom work was you and not me. Can’t wait to see you back on the the water. Cheers from Canada.

  3. Nice job! You know I watch a lot of these boat renovation video’s and can’t tell you how many people spend hours using a finish sander to strip paint, when it could have been done in minutes using an angle grinder with a sanding pad and 40 grit paper………..I guess I’m just lazy!

  4. But think of the tiny creatures who lived their entire lives in that damp foam under the floor, and now their entire ecosystem is destroyed. Oh the cruelty.

  5. Wow, loved this video! So much work. Great job! Great everything! Video, editing, music, and final result!

  6. Herbie, make sure that you save this video for posterity. Time will prove just how good of a job you did here. In the coming years, you can watch this and see just how well that you did with this project. Thee foam was really a surprise. That alone was worth tearing out the head for the remodel.

  7. Looks amazing! Happy sailing!

  8. Nice job !! it turned out awsome ? Herb i been wondering what size Dyneema you used on your rigging > thx

  9. I’ve just destroyed the old head in my Jeanneau Espace and your timelapse makes it look real fast and easy.. which I know it’s not going to be. Are you using epoxy or polyester resin for the glassing?

  10. Nice. Curious about the constant moister exposure of the chain plates and whether some sort of coating would be ideal. Also, all that space between the wall and hull below and between the chain plates feels hungry for a large but removable (for chain plate work) cabinet. 🙂

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