1. cool thanks saw is 3Dvia a program to like photoshop? or is just a plugin?
    can you also do animation or just design thanks

  2. @2migell Our products are not like Photoshop, however, we do have a plugin
    for Photoshop, where you can easily bring 3D models from 3dvia.com into
    Photoshop. Using 3DVIA Virtools and Studio, you can create not just
    animation, but actual gmae play in 3D. Studio has a free version you can

  3. Is this compatible with Google SketchUp?

  4. TOMYSSHADOW Plays Games April 23, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    @SiemEik It has been a while… Ok ok ok, well once you download 3dshape
    4.0, it you can login to a 3dvia account and make your model. Then go to
    the menu and publish it. If you go to 3dvia.com and login again there, you
    should see your model on your dashboard. Once you are there, you can
    download the model in it’s main format, 3dxml, or DAE format, which is
    Sony’s more widely used popular format. Extract the model from that and you
    can put it in Google sketchup, and other programs.

  5. @SiemEik Yes, you can upload a SU model and use within Scenes. See video
    “Share Your SketchUp Designs in a Virtual Environment” on our channel for
    more on this.

  6. is it possible to put a archicad 3d model into photoshop?

  7. so nice.. 

  8. What a great program. Glad I started searching for making 3D from photos…
    I have to also redo a kitchen and want to do exactly what you’ve demo’d!!!!

  9. This is an awesome tool! Tfs

  10. ProMasterSolutions October 21, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    Very nice and original work. Thanks for sharing this!

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